Upper Back Pain Posture Exercises

Upper back pain posture exercises are good physical therapeutic approach to dealing with this back problem. The surprising thing about upper back pain posture exercises is that they are easy to execute. If you’re suffering from upper back pain, you will be glad to know that improving and correcting your posture may help you to feel better on a daily basis.

Upper back pain posture exercises

Good and Bad Posture – Image courtesy of Beth Scupham of Flickr.com

After all, many upper back pain health issues are triggered by bad posture. In some cases, bad posture is a lifelong problem which puts undue strain on back muscles, disks and ligaments.

According to back specialists, such as orthopedic surgeons, there are ways to alleviate upper back pain or strain by straightening your spine. This is achieved through performing certain posture exercises or stretches.

Activities such as sitting in front of the computer all day can lead to upper back pain or strain at the very least. Below are some upper back pain and neck pain posture exercises you can start implementing today.

Upper Back Pain Posture Exercises Technique #1

It’s the visualizing a straight line method. This technique works really well for upper back pain from poor posture for prolonged periods. To utilize this therapy, you’ll need to use your imagination.

Experts recommend visualizing a straight line which runs down your body, from the tip of your head to the bottom of your feet. Then, picture a long cord which is hooked to your breastbone, which pulls your chest and ribs in an upward direction, thereby lengthening your entire body.

Also a good idea to support your core muscles by locking both hands and placing both locked hands on your tummy firmly as you breathe out and contracting your abdominal muscles.

Keep your pelvis even while visualizing and don’t let the lower portion of your back move from side to side. Then, try to keep your body in this straightened position. Dancers and ice skaters utilize this technique in order to achieve perfect posture which helps them to do movements correctly. Now, you can do it, too!

Dealing with Upper back strain posture exercises Technique #2

The squeeze back approach – This upper back strain exercise technique also works for shoulder pain resulting from bad posture too. It’s an easy upper back pain posture stretch exercise you can do right there whilst sitting by your office desk.

Sit in your preferred chair (a hard-back style will work well for this exercise) and then place each hand on each thigh.  You could also raise your arms to shoulder height to do this exercise if you prefer. It works either way – arms down or up.  Now, move your shoulders downward, while keeping your chin in a level position.

At this point, move each shoulder back and then approximate your two shoulder blades such that they both meet in the middle. Sustain that position for a while and relax to let go. Do this several times.

This exercise supports good posture and it’s really easy to do, so it’s a great weapon against posture-related upper back pain. Try it today in order to see how it works for you!

Practicing poor posture correction Technique #3

Walk with Books on Your Head – Sometimes, old-fashioned remedies for bad posture work wonders. If you’ve never tested out the “walking with books on your head” method, it may be time to give it a shot! Just stack a few slim volumes on your head and then walk around.

When you try to balance the books as you move, your spine will straighten up naturally.
If you perform this simple exercise daily, you’ll also improve your awareness of your posture. In other words, you’ll begin to notice when you’re slouching or otherwise giving in to bad posture habits.

While it may take practice to balance the books, it’s well worth the effort. Another benefit of using this upper back strain exercise to straighten your spine is that you’ll look slimmer and more elegant as you move.

This technique really helps with re-defining your balance which nicely brings us to the next technique – Yoga.

Dealing with upper back pain and strain technique #4

Consider Yoga or Pilates – Some forms of exercise are very good for posture – examples include Yoga and Pilates. In addition, these toning forms of exercise contribute to a healthier, sleeker body and a more serene state of mind.

Many models and Hollywood celebs rely on Yoga and Pilates in order to give their bodies a leaner, taller look. Yoga is all about doing certain movements which increase flexibility.

Yoga has a spiritual focus, too, as it promotes deeper breathing and more mental calmness. Pilates utilizes pulleys and other equipment in order to stretch the body and straighten the spine.

Initially created to help patients recover from operations or illnesses, Pilates is definitely a wonderful way to access a fit body, while also supporting spinal health.

So, do consider signing up for one or both of these activities, which are likely available to be enjoyed right in your community. Free intro classes should be available, so you’ll be able to test out Pilates or Yoga without a big cash outlay.

If you live in an area where these forms of exercise aren’t offered, there are other ways to learn, such as workout DVDs and instructional videos.

These exercises both strengthen the body’s core, which supports the lower back and by extension the upper back too. Therefore, they offer a host of benefits to upper back pain sufferers worldwide.
Go on and try out the techniques today?

Now that you know some of the most impressive, posture-correcting techniques, all of which are designed to help upper back pain sufferers feel better, you should be ready to try them out today.

When you choose to implement one or more of our suggestions, you’ll be practising self-care which benefits overall back health, as well as great posture.

It may take some time to see results, so do be patient with the process. If you stick with these upper back posture stretches, you’ll find that your spine becomes straighter. In addition, some exercises designed to improve posture also strengthen the body’s core, such as the abdominal area.

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