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NMT Lower Back Support Brace Review

Corrects posture easily. Pain relief potential. Compression effect evenly distibuted on the torso for even support. Complementary therapy with magnetic feature.


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NMT lower back support brace review has become a necessity as it’s been on the market for a couple of years now and consumers are warming up to it, but are they right? We therefore take a peek at the NMT lower back support brace in this review to see if it is worth the trouble.

Who is the NMT lower back support brace meant for?

In undertaking this NMT lower back support brace review, we researched those who might benefit from using this brace more and these include the following groups of people.

  • Men and women with chronic back problems.
  • Anyone looking for back support.
  • Men and women who would like a neoprene support.
  • Anyone looking to relieve posture pain issues.
  • Anyone looking for an adjustable back brace.

What is the design and why does the NMT lumbar support brace work?

The first thing you will probably notice is that the brace has a good width to it and that is what you want from a back support device.

With a width spanning several inches, the lower half of your torso should be well covered for adequate bracing. The overall length of this lower back brace is such that most waist lines are suitable. 50” waist line dimension seems to be the upper limit for a good secure fit with the Velcro at the front of the brace.

The design material at the back is deliberately left excessively unpadded such that you get a firm support but not too strong to cause you discomfort.

Packed into the core of the NMT lower back support brace is a feature which is in keeping with modern day therapy. We are referring to the use of magnetic fields in complimentary therapy to relieve pains and strains.

To achieve this magnetic nanotechnology, the tourmaline high tech magnets have been conveniently positioned at the back of the device in linear pattern.

Four interactive heat functions come into therapeutic play here in this product. They are natural heating, infrared, magnetic and negative ion.

So what do you get with this magnetic interplay?
You get a pain relieving effect which is quite evident on the muscles and joints of the area encapsulated by the brace.

NMT lower back brace

NMT lower back brace supports the lumbar area effectively

In this NMT lumbar support brace, we have a product that combines the physical therapeutic property of the sheer power of compression along with magnetic field effect.

Blood flow to tissues is enhanced which in turn helps to reduce inflammation of muscles and joints. Little wonder there are lots of positive feedback from users.

Is the NMT lumbar back support brace comfortable?
Not only is the NMT lower back brace comfortable, it is also very safe to use. The width of the product is not only good for its effectiveness but it means the compression force is evenly distributed across the lower torso compared to the kind of force you would generate from a slimmer, narrower belt.

The NMT lumbar brace has 2 generous sizes which are adjustable for ease of use and comfort. Adjust the firmness to suit your style, activity and comfort using the built in velcro.

Any issues with this lumbar brace?
From the user standpoint, no significant issues have been reported. The only thing to point out is that the manufacturer seems to make a fat loss claim from using this product.

They claim the magnetic effect can lead to belly fat loss and detox as well. I’m not sure I would go with that claim because it is unsubstantiated and as at the time of writing weight loss has not been reported by users so far.

So I wouldn’t advise you to get the product for its “weight loss” benefit but for its primary purpose which is to provide you with posture support.

Will this support brace last?
Yes, it is washable but hand wash is advised please.
The device has no chemicals in it, is breathable and it is also latex-free.

Wash in lukewarm water, rinse and air dry it.
…and use it again and again.

Is the NMT posture brace discreet?
It could be. It is advisable to wear a T-shirt underneath the brace. The main reason being that the magnets do get warm but not uncomfortably warm.

So having a piece of clothing between the brace and your skin is good practice.
If you want to hide the brace from public view, you could then wear whatever suits you over it.

Is the NMT lumbar brace good for back pain and posture correction?

The feedback from the users has generally been good.

Remembering that this is a device that provides combinational therapy brings the effectiveness of the NMT lumbar brace to the fore. People with sporting injury found back pain relief in 3 days from using this product.

Some physiotherapists have recommended the adjustable NMT lower back support brace to their patients and these patients have given positive feedback as to how much pain relief they got and how quickly too.

A lady who had been diagnosed with narrowing of her disc space had endured sciatica pain for a while. She found this brace to have improved her condition significantly.

Even individuals with hip problems seem to be getting analgesic benefits from using this brace.

The NMT lumbar brace is adjustable, suitable for most waist sizes, is effective for mid & lower back pain and more importantly corrects your posture with ease.

We recommend it.


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