Mueller Lumbar Back Brace With Removable Pad is worth a Try.


Mueller Lumbar Back Brace Review

Easy and comfortable to wear. Effective for back protection. Effective for back pain, strains and spasms. Adjustable and has removable pads for custom fit.


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A Mueller lumbar back brace review is now well overdue given the fact it has become one of the most popular posture correcting devices around today. In this Mueller lumbar back brace review we take a look at the features to see if it would be the right fit for you.  Hopefully this should help you make a possible buying decision.

Who could benefit from using the black Mueller adjustable lumbar back brace with removable pad?

One of the things we looked at in our Mueller lumbar back brace review is researching the individuals who will most benefit from using it. The vast majority fall into these categories below:

  • Men and women with mid and lower back pain.
  • Men and women with back spasms.
  • Anyone with sprains and strains in and around their back.
  • Individuals who lift moderate to heavy objects either as part of their vocational duties or at home performing “do it yourself” chores because the Mueller lumbar brace is a support-lifting belt too.
  • Individuals who bend over or twist vocationally or otherwise.

What’s the design like and how does Mueller back support brace with removable pads work?

In our research for this Mueller lumbar back brace review, we discovered that for a back brace to be well suited to men and women it should have a double layer for ease of use. The double layering also means individuality of use is made possible as you can fit it around your lower body trunk regardless of your size.

The double layering additionally allows for simple adjustability. This way you can adjust the tension on the black Mueller lumbar back brace to compress your abdominal area. The same tension is passed on to your lower back for better stabilization.

You are then provided with an option to use detachable lumbar pads which slide into the back compartment of the brace. Using the lumbar pads means you concentrate a lot more support around the lower back where you need it most.

The removable lumbar pads are easily re-attached with Velcro and you actually have plenty of space on either side of the belt to have the right compression effect. As if that stabilization consideration in the design is not enough, a flexible steel frame has been fitted in along the line of the spine to provide more support which adds another notch to the effectiveness of this product.

By the way, the brace is designed to fit waist sizes 28” – 50” which is a good spread for the population. This means the black Mueller lumbar back support brace is a one size fits most, from the regular to the plus size as it is extendable.

Is the Mueller back brace comfortable?

The one-size-fits-most Mueller lumbar back brace with removable pad is one of the comfortable braces out there. The materials used in building it is breathable which means you can wear this back brace all day if you like.

Mueller back brace with removable pad

Easy to fit lumbar back support


One problem with some braces is that they roll and get displaced out position or ride up as some people will say. Wearing some of the other types for a long time causes them to bunch up or fold over. No such concerns with this brace because it has a molded plastic embedded in it.

You also have 2 velcro settings which gives the pleasure of double adjustment to suit your style.

Any issues with Mueller back brace?

From what we have seen, there aren’t major issues with it. One flaw we found in our Mueller lumbar back brace review is that if you are looking to align your shoulders with your spine, then this might not be the right brace for you.

The reason being that it hasn’t got the shoulder strap which helps to brace your shoulders as well.

However some ingenious users have come up with a solution if you are really in need of shoulder strap – get and attach any set of decent suspenders and you are fine.

Will it last?

You can hand wash the sport care Mueller lumbar brace in cold water with some soap, get it rinsed and simply air dry it for further use.

The structural design of the Mueller posture aid and the materials used in the manufacture ensures this brace is sturdy enough to last a very long time.

Is Mueller back brace discreet?

Wear the adjustable Mueller lumbar back brace with removable pad inside your clothing or outside the clothing, the choice is yours. The whole idea is for you to wear it and go about your daily business without fear of postural problems and back pain.

Have your shirt over it, get into your jeans trousers with the brace underneath.

How good is the Mueller back brace with removable pad for back pain?

The Mueller adjustable back support brace has provided countless individuals with lower and mid back pain with relief.

The thing to remember is that it is a lumbar support aid and a lot of the pain from the mid and lower back arise from the lumbar spine, so it’s no surprise that the Mueller posture correcting support brace does actually work.

Young, middle age and senior men and women have found this Mueller posture corrector brace useful in dealing with their back pain symptoms. There is the story of a young lady who was involved in accident and was walking slouched over. With the help of this brace, she now walks straight.

Having to clutch your back because of herniated disc or have other spinal issues? No problem. Users with similar back issues have had their problem resolved with this device. Clean your house, go do some sports, go to work or go ahead and do some gardening with the Mueller lumbar back support brace…and you will be fine.

It’s a really nice brace, folks. Highly recommended.



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