Gabrialla Women's Posture Corrector


Gabrialla Womens Posture Corrector Review

Designed for women. A corrector that supports the upper, middle and lower back with stays. Shoulders are re-positioned too.


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We review the Gabrialla Thoracic Lumbo-Sacral Orthosis women’s posture brace dealing with specific questions regarding this support brace.

This is another posture corrector designed specifically for women.

Review of Gabrialla Women’s posture corrector – Who potentially can use it?

  • Any woman who wishes to straighten up her posture when standing and sitting.
  • Women who would like to prevent scoliosis of the spine in later years.
  • Women who are conscious of other spinal problems that may compromise their health.
  • Women who found other posture aids difficult to use.
  • Women who think their current posture brace is not effective enough and are in search of other alternatives.
  • Women who are currently experiencing back pain due to bad posture and degenerative spinal disease.


What’s the design and how does the Gabrialla women’s support brace work?

The basic human anatomy was the primary consideration in the design of the Gabrialla Thoracic lumbo-sacral orthosis women’s back brace. As the name implies this device is tailor-made to support the entire spine of the human trunk or torso.

The spine of the torso includes the thoracic vertebrae, the vertebrae of the lumbar and sacral regions. There are 2 flexible metal stays which act as the focal point of the device and as spinal straighteners.

Further support is provided by the straps flowing from the stays over the shoulders and swept around the back as well.
If you think science and anatomy, then this women’s posture enhancer is something that a lot of thought has gone into.

Your shoulders are aligned with your thoracic vertebrae with the shoulder strap arising from the stays. The back strap re-positions your lower body in relation to how your lumbo-sacral vertebrae should align too. All of these against the back drop of flexible stays at the back which stabilizes your spine.

Is Gabrialla women’s posture brace comfortable?

We emphasize comfort as one of the features a good support brace should have.

The Gabrialla women’s posture corrector brace does not appear to fail in the comfort department. It is made up of breathable elastic around your abdomen which provides the desired firmness without compromising comfort.

Gabrialla Women's posture corrector

Cotton lined for comfort


The inner aspect of the base at the back is made quite comfortable with the provision of a cotton lining which as you can imagine will make it feel smooth on your skin.

The device has quite a number of velcros for easy adjustment to suit your size and comfort as a result.

Any user issues with it?

A few users have had issues with the fit. The main reasons being individuals selecting the wrong size for them and failure to adjust properly to get the right fit.

Don’t forget that it is not a “one size fits all” corrector. You need to measure lower body circumference midway between your waist and your hips and use the chart image to select your appropriate size.

The manufacturer have this Gabrialla thoracic lumbo-sacral posture corrector in in different size types – small, medium, large, X-Large and XX-Large sizes to accommodate practically all body sizes.

Also the Velcro features are there to assist you in getting the right fit as well when you are getting it on.

Will the Gabrialla back support brace last?

The materials used in the manufacture of the Gabrialla women’s posture corrector is breathable and of good tensile strength chosen specifically to make them last longer. The breathability also means you can wear it for longer even in warm climates.

…and it is washable as well to keep it hygienically attractive as you use it more and more.

Will everyone know I have it on?

Not if you don’t want them to know. You have a choice to wear it on the outside of your clothing or as most women prefer to do, wear inside.

Wear the Gabrialla thoracic lumbo-sacral posture brace underneath your clothes to the office, do your housework with it, host guests in your home with it and no one will ever know.

Will Gabrialla Women’s posture corrector relieve my back pain or fix my posture?

Most women are busy, so a device that works quickly is a welcome development. Some women have found the Gabrialla thoracic lumbo-sacral posture corrector to provide back pain relief sometimes almost instantaneously.

As a side benefit some users have responded that their shoulders and back actually do feel great even after taking it off. This would imply a multiplier effect.

Suffering from scoliosis, degenerative disease of the spine or have chronic back pain? The Gabrialla thoracic lumbro-sacral posture back brace has numerous testimonials of women who have tried other support braces without much help but have seen this posture back aid make a huge difference to their lives.

We assess it to be a substantive posture corrector and back pain reliever with a lot of promise.


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