Dealing With Lower Back Pain

If you’re dealing with lower back pain and you want relief, you’ll benefit from discovering the most impressive and practical treatment options. Since there are a host of treatments to choose from, the tips for dealing with lower back pain on this page would give you a head start.

While seeing a family physician and having the root cause of your low back pain diagnosed will be helpful. This is particularly important if you are dealing with a chronic low back pain. However there are a few things you can do yourself to take control of your back health, via over-the-counter medications, exercise, massage and the development of proper lifting techniques.

Dealing with lower back pain

Lower back pain can be a debilitating problem

In some cases of chronic lower back pain, surgery may be the answer. However, lots of people are able to alleviate lower back pain without going under the knife. Doctors may also prescribe heavy-duty prescription meds in order to give their patients access to pain reduction or elimination.

Often people dealing with acute low back pain will need either prescription medications or over-the-counter pills to relieve the initial pain before undertaking further measures.

Practical ways of dealing with lower back pain or strain…

Keep Active – When you hurt your back or suffer from chronic back pain, your impulse may be to stay in bed and rest the injury. Since this does seem like a common-sense solution, you may be surprised to learn that experts don’t recommend a lot of bed rest.

People who understand the science of back pain actually prefer to see lower back pain sufferers up and around. In general, you shouldn’t rest an injury of this type for more than 72 hours. Since back specialists prefer that patients stay active, it’s important to move around when you’re managing low back pain.

Get Enough Physical Activity – Working out when you’re treating low back pain may not be an appealing concept. However, many orthopedic surgeons do encourage their patients to get exercise whenever they can. These medical experts know that exercise contributes to a healthier body and a healthier back.

Whether you prefer a brisk walk, aerobics, trips to the gym or what have you, you’ll find that getting regular exercise helps you to strengthen your back, to keep your weight in a healthy range and to boost your mood. Since excess weight may make back problems worse, it’s important to stay fit via exercise.

Of course, the endorphins (feel-good hormones) which are triggered by vigorous physical activity also make it easier to cope with back problems and the discomfort and frustration that they tend to create.

Also, take the time to lift things properly, from free weights to household items. There are plenty of instructions on proper lifting techniques available online. However, in general, it’s all about bending the knees and taking strain off of the lower back. More exercises on this page.

Correct Posture Problems – In some cases, back problems, such as low back ache or strain, develop due to bad posture. If you slouch or have other posture problems, correcting them may be a great way to experience natural pain relief, without drugs or surgery.

The old-fashioned method of walking with a few books stacked on your head may work well. However, any tried-and-true method of posture improvement may contribute to a straighter spine and reduced back muscle and back ligament strain.

You may want to visit this link for info on posture aids.

More strategies for coping with low back pain or ache are indicated below…

Take OTC Medications – Over-the-counter medications, such as ibuprofen and Robaxacet, will provide pain relief. While the benefits of these meds are always temporary, they do offer benefits to sufferers to cope with low back pain on a regular or occasional basis.

A pharmacist should be able to recommend an impressive OTC medication for back soreness or ache – of course, your family doctor is always the best person to talk to before embarking on therapy with any type of medication for back pain.

Once you’ve found a medication that works well, you may use it as needed and also keep up with your other treatments. Since back pain medications only mask pain and symptoms, they aren’t a bona fide solution. However, that being said, they definitely make it easier to get through back discomfort during the day or night.

Get a Massage – For a low back ache sufferer, a massage isn’t an indulgence. Instead, it’s a viable treatment option which offers the perfect blend of pain relief and soothing pampering. So, do consider treating yourself to this type of massage.

When you book a massage, talk to the massage therapist first. Indicate to him or her that you experience low back discomfort. A trained and licensed massage therapist should be able to provide expert touch which eases muscle strain and helps the body to recover from daily wear and tear. You deserve to feel good, so paying for this type of service may be a very good investment.

There are massage products available online that you can use yourself at home. Reading this now, you will probably say to yourself…”massage products are too expensive”. Well you will be surprised to learn that there are really affordable massage products for back ache that you can acquire for yourself and use at home at will.

Here is one affordable one below.

Dealing With Lower Back Pain

A very affordable Massage Plush Mat With Heat

It’s a massage mat with heat. Provides invigorating massage with ten motors and soothing heat for your back problems.


Improve Your Back Health Today
Whether you choose to try one or more of our back treatment tips is up to you. However, it may be wise to follow all of the advice on our list, in order to maximize back health. Now that you’ve discovered some ways to improve back health and access pain relief when you have flare-ups of low back pain, you’ll be ready to enjoy a happier and healthier life.

While it may take time to see results from lifestyle changes, such as adding exercise to your daily routine, if you’re patient, you are likely to experience improvements. Lifestyle adjustments are simple affordable ways of dealing with back pain. We encourage you to take them seriously.

So, why not begin improving your back health today?

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