Posture Brace – Tips and Guidelines for Posture Correctors

A posture brace is designed to correct our everyday awkward unnatural body posture. Like you, I needed one sometime ago and glad I found one…a decent one.
A posture brace is a modern day necessity given the way we live our lives today. But where can you go on the internet to get reliable information on posture correctors? You are at it…Right here!

Browse below a couple of posture brace products that have been proven to relieve stress on your joints, muscles and tendons by optimizing your posture as you go about your daily life.

Product Name Image Star Rating Product Features Product Details
NMT Lower Back Brace NMT Lower Back Support Brace 4.6/5 Provides support for middle and lower back.
Latex & Chemical free.
Helps with back pain relief and healing
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Mueller Lumbar Brace Mueller Lumbar Back Brace 4.7/5 Back muscle pains, strains and spasms will be history.
Concentrated support provided by removable pads.
Adjust compression to suit your comfort.
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Cincher Back and Shoulder Support Cincher Back and Shoulder support for Women 4.0/5 Flatters your feminine figure to make you feel confident.
Nice support for tummy and upper, middle and lower back.
Also braces shoulders to correct alignment.
Can be worn discreetly underneath clothing
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IntelliSkin Men’s PostureCue V-Tee IntelliSkin Men's PostureCue V-Tee 4.6/5 Built for men who seek and appreciate good posture and confidence.
The easiest way to retrain your body for manly physique.
Gets rid of back and neck pain.
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Gabrialla Thoracic Lumbo-Sacral Orthosis Women’s Posture Corrector Gabrialla Thoracic & Lower Back Support 4.0/5 Medically designed to support the thoracic, lumbar and Sacral Spine.
Doctors recommended with breathable elastic and cotton for comfort.
Stress-free posture aid suitable for the discerning woman.
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Equifit ShouldersBack Equifit Shoulders Back 3.9/5 Retrains shoulders for optimum posture.
Good antidote for neck pain and back pain.
Enables you stand even taller and feel more confident.
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NeoG Dorsolumbar Support for Upper/Mid/Lower Back Neo G Back and Shoulder Support 4.2/5 Unisex.
Corrects rounded and slumped shoulders.
Physician recommended for posture correction.
Breathable material and arm pads for extra comfort.
Adjustable straps for custom fit.
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Oppo Elastic Posture Aid/Clavicle Brace Oppo Posture aid & Clavicle Brace 3.9/5 Gently coerces shoulders back to correct alignment with spine.
Custom fit facilitated by hook and loop closure.
Get on with your daily activities without any hinderance.
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Thermoskin Lumbar Support Thermoskin lumbar support 4.3/5 Internal stays for concentrated support.
Side elastic band for additional support from the sides.
Generates heat from your tissues to provide heat therapy for your mid and lower back.
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Flexibrace Lumbar Back Support Flexibrace back brace 4.7/5 Compression provided by neoprene back panel.
Double adjustable brace with elastic sides.
Latex free materials.
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What is a good posture?

Most of the daily activities we engage in such as using our computers, watching the television, writing, reading a physical book or using your favorite eReader, make us lean our heads forward with the rest of our body trailing.

This is not natural and our bodies are not designed for this type of posture.

A good posture implies your spine is correctly aligned and indeed what you may not realize is that a lot of the physiological processes that take place in our body everyday are actually influenced by posture as well.

The way you stand, sit, walk or lie down has a direct relationship to the amount of gravitational stress placed on your body joints. A grossly misaligned spine puts a lot of strain on your muscles, ligaments and tendons. Below is an example of bad posture with Ryan in the image below slouching over the PC for hours on end.

Posture brace corrects slouching

Prolonged slouching over the PC would lead to health problems in future

Bad posture comes in different forms but the forward-lean is the commonest form of bad posture with the long term consequences being the use of cocktail of prescription pain medications, if left un-addressed.

Why do I need a posture brace?

The more advanced the postural problem is, the more devastating the health effects are, as you grow older. Therefore taking steps to correct your posture is a simple gift you can hand yourself for a healthier future and it’s not that difficult to do.

Correcting your posture by using an aid like a brace will save you lots of money from chiropractors, physiotherapists and orthodox medical doctors, specifically surgeons in the long run. Back surgery is the ultimate intervention when things get really bad.

Using posture aids will significantly reduce your risk of developing arthritis as there will be less physical stress on your joints.

Something else you may not realize is that some of that muscular ache you experience at the end of each working day is likely due to poor body attitude.

Correcting your spine alignment with a posture aid back support or clavicle brace means you regain your actual height, appear taller and that can give you an alluring confidence boost.

Training your core muscles to provide support for your spine, your back, your neck, your shoulders is usually the first step to re-aligning your spine.

As Paula Moore says, learning to lengthen your body attitude as though you are artificially lengthening your height is one effective way of improving your stance.

The way to do this to imagine a balloon attached to your upper chest and head straightening you up with your two hands placed over your lower belly.

Some of the techniques for posture correction can be a little difficult to engage at first. That is why using a brace to provide posture support is one of the most effective ways of dealing with the problem of a bad positional attitude.

Of course performing postural exercises is a good start to correcting a poor body stance if you persist with them in the medium term. However, being human means it is very easy to slip back into our old ways of doing things.

But when you employ correction braces with or without exercises, you give yourself a significant advantage to fix your pose within the shortest possible time.

What are the qualities of a good posture brace?

Yes, we amongst other professionals recommend posture braces for posture re-alignment and correction, but what should you look for in a device like that?

As obvious it may seem, comfort is the first quality to look out for. This is a process, not an event, which means you are likely going to be wearing the brace support for the foreseeable future.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a comfortable posture brace as a means to correct a potentially painful condition?

So, comfort must be uppermost as a requirement. Something to bear in mind though is that a posture aid might feel slightly uncomfortable the first time you wear it. As you wear more times your body gets used to it and the initial discomfort will begin to disappear. The point here is that a new device does take some getting used to.

The next quality you should seek from your posture corrector is the ability to have functionality with it. The brace should enable go about your daily activities like walking, working, running sitting without imposing any movement restrictions on you.

A third quality is that the posture brace should help your muscles and your body into the correct body position with as little effort as possible. The effort required to achieve this might be initially high in the beginning of your journey but with time the brace should do this with minimal effort.

The way to look at it is that you are training your body to reconfigure itself into a more natural alignment. This takes a little while as your body gets rid of a bad postural habit of a lifetime.

If you do some exercises, this should come a lot easier to achieve in a shorter time span but even without the exercise head-start, a good support brace will help you improve your pose.

Using your posture brace would eventually result in a your muscles becoming more relaxed in the medium term, relieving any muscular and skeletal pains you may be experiencing or actually preventing such discomfort if you don’t have any already.

 Do Posture braces work?

The short answer to the question of whether posture braces do work or not is a straightforward ‘Yes’.
Most folks have had a long term habit of slouching and slumping. Some have the hollow back position, the round shoulders and unilateral (one-sided) high hip posture.

All of these positions are not natural and indeed you weren’t born that way. They are acquired postures from bad sitting, standing and lying positions over a long time.

What a posture corrector does is to re-train your muscles, tendons, ligaments and overall joints to adopt a better posture.

So long as you can follow simple instructions, select the appropriate support brace for your upper body to re-position your shoulders and your neck with or without a back brace for your back, then the effectiveness of the posture brace cannot be in doubt.

The other point of note is that these support aids for your posture do not have to be used for the rest of your life. Most times wearing the aid to correct your posture for a couple of months is just as effective.

Something else to bear in mind too is that posture correction is a “learned activity” helped by the brace of your choice. Once the correct positional alignment is learned, you can discontinue its use, as long as you do not fall back into your old habits.

Even then, you can always grab your old brace from your closet and reuse it again if that were to happen.

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